rigol2dat: A tool for converting a rigol .wfm file to ascii data file


rigol2dat is a simple command line program for converting a rigol .wfm binary file from the DS1022C oscilliscope to a set of .dat files. For a file test.wmf, running

rigol2dat test.wfm

will output test.1.dat and test.2.dat, depending on which channels are stored in the .wfm file.

It is based on the readRigolWaveform.m matlab script available from the mathworks repository. It has been tested with some .wfm files from our Rigol DS1022C oscilliscope . It may work for other models, although I cannot test this.

Compile examples are included in comments at the top of the source file.


Source code: rigol2dat.C

Debian executable: rigol2dat

Windows executable: rigol2dat.exe


18-Jun-08 Initial release.