In Delft

Some information about Delft for you stay

Where to eat

There are lots of restaurants in Delft! Some of my personal regulars:

  • LEF (Bistrot)
  • Stromboli (Good pizza)
  • Rossio (Bistro)
  • San Marco (Italian, open Monday, lots of tables)
  • GRK&ZO (Greek food, one of many in Delft, but nice)
  • Mekhong Thai-Lao Restaurant (Thai, also good for big groups)
  • Il Tartufo (Italian, they used to be a deli open only for lunch but now have a “trattoria” open for dinner, but only until 8 pm. Haven’t tried dinner yet, but lunch is fantastic!)
A drink in the evening

There are lots of places to go for a “borreltje”, I recommend trying some of the Belgian pubs for a unique experience:

Some beers I enjoy: Oude Geuze / Oude Kriek (a “spontaneous fermentation” beer, a bit sour but very special: any “oud” (old) will do, 3 fonteinen and Boon are nice), Duchesse de Bourgonne (sour flemish brown ale), Delerium Tremens, La Chouffe, Rodenbach (Grand Cru if you can find it), Westfleteren (when available), Karmeliet Tripel, Rochefort 10, Vedette Extra Wit, Val Dieu Tripel, Sanc­ti Adal­ber­ti Eg­mond­se Tri­pel (this one is Dutch bit it is good)

Stuff to do

If you arrive early or stay an extra day, there are lots of interesting things to see in Delft!

  • The old church (oude kerk, also known as “de oude jan”) Famous for it’s leaning tower. While they were building it, they noticed it was starting to lean, and corrected the angle at top…
  • The “new” church All of the Dutch royalty, going back to William of Orange the 1st, are buried in the mausoleum. You can climb up the tower and on a clear day, you can see all the way to Rotterdam and the Hague
  • Molen de roos: The only remaining of the 15 windmills that used to be installed around the city center. You can enter for free. It is still in operation, and is used now to mill organic and gluten-free flour. On days when it is sailing, you can sometimes meet the “molenaar”
  • The Prinsenhof: The royal museum in Delft. Here is where William of Orange the 1st was shot and killed by a Spanish assassin. There is preserved hole in the wall that is allegedly from the bullet from the musket.
  • De Lelie: Fantastic ice cream from a chocolatier in Delft. You can find it by looking for the big queue…but it’s worth it! “Extra Dark” is very good.