Location and Logistics


The workshop will be held in Delft at the Bouwcampus building, around the corner from the physics building and cleanroom on campus.


As it is high tourist season in Delft, we were not able to reserve a single block of rooms at a hotel in Delft. However, there are many small hotels in and around the city center:

Google search for hotels for April 15th to April 20th in Delft. You can also check airbnb

Getting to Delft from Schiphol Airport

There are two direct trains per hour from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to Delft, along with two more per hour that are indirect (with a change in Leiden).

Schedule of trains from Schiphol to Delft on April 15th

The train station is directly in the airport just outside the arrivals hall. On the website linked above, you can purchase your ticket ahead of time and print it out so you can directly board the train at Schiphol (you will need to scan your ticket at one of the check-in points in the airport near the stairs to the tracks). Note: when you buy your tickets, buy only one-way tickets (“return” tickets in Holland are valid only for return trips on the same day).

From the train station in Delft, it is a short walk to the hotels in the city center.

Rental bikes

The campus is about a 20 minute walk from the city center. It is fun, and very dutch, to rent a bike for the week. It is also very useful if you stay at one of the hotels outside of the city center (such as the Shanghai Garden, Campanile, or Westcord), as these are a bit further away from the campus. Rental bikes can often be arranged through the hotel, but you can also rent them from this shop near the station:


You should contact them ahead of time to make a reservation. There are also several locations around the city center that rent bikes.

You can also try out the new MoBike service available in Delft:


Public Transport

If needed, you can plan any trips by bus or tram using the following website:


For busses in Delft, you can now pay directly on the bus with your bank card, your credit card, or your smartphone using NFC payment: