Gary Steele's Old TU-Delft Website

Gary Steele's Old TU-Delft Website


As of 1st July, 2010, I am an assistant professor at TU-Delft. You can find my new group website at

Contact me

You can contact me by email at g.a.steele at tudelft dot nl.

Would you like to make and appointment with me, or just drop by? You can check out when I'm busy and when I'm free on my google calendar.

Links and Other Content

Here, you can find some content I still host here.

Some nanotube calculations

Convenient Conversion Factors

My Thesis from MIT

DesignCad Commands

Spyview: 2D/3D image analysis software


Converting modern Adobe Illustrator files to EPS

Various theses

The information page of our SQUID undergraduate experimental lab

The course material from our Computational Science course for physicists from 2019/2020

Some tips from our Computational Science Course

Data explorer A small library I'm working on